Weight Control

Weight Control

The tools and tricks that are offered in this website are given to patients on a regular basis to help them with their weight control. These are real-world tools that you can be used in order to keep your eating defenses up. What are the danger territories in your life? Break them down. Restaurants? Which ones? Amusement parks? Holidays? Events? When do you not have control of your food choices? It happens more than you would think. You would be surprised as to how much weight you keep off and how much money you’ll save by using plastic cold food containers and brown paper bags, preparing food the night before.

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Set reasonable goals. Small changes over time make big differences. Sometimes even a small change can make a big difference that you are not aware of. For example only a few pounds lost in some people can normalize blood sugar, blood pressure or cholesterol. Try to take out the subjective aspects out of knowing your caloric intake and output. Objectify first, then make changes later. Tools for a objectification: meal replacements, pedometers, food journals, scales both to weigh you and your food, websites such as www.teleweightcontrol.com which has links to other websites that allow you to monitor your caloric and nutrient intake as well as you caloric output for free. Try not to worry about the numbers (pounds) on a day-to-day basis. Focus on the information given you in this book and the numbers will fall into place.

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Lets mentally prepare ourselves for weight control

Try to train yourself not to eat heavy. You don’t have to finish meals all at once. Get in the habit of finishing part of a meal and taking the rest home to go in a doggie bag. Don’t eat when you are not hungry. Try to avoid those people in your life who are defeating the “weight control cause”, for example jealous people or enablers who may try to make you eat.

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