When you eat to lose weight or eat during a disaster situation you need to monitor and control calories, water and nutrients. It is important to feel as satisfied as possible when taking in the minimum number of calories. My experience of using shakes to limit my patients to approximately 1,200 calories per day has been a great success. The shakes used in my practice, for many years are a high-protein, powdered blend. I like these because they are fortified with nutrients, vitamins and minerals and have 35 grams of protein per serving. They are large and filling and have ingredients that have a favorable glycemic index. The shakes keep you from experiencing highs and low of blood sugar that may trigger food cravings.

Weight Control Vitamins

Studies have shown that having a variety of extremely tasty, highly caloric, readily available foods stimulates appetite. Studies also show that people routinely underestimate the total amount of calories that they consume especially when served in large container sizes. When trying to lose weight, shakes can simplify your diet. The readily available, cheap, tasty foods around everywhere are less able to “ring those bells” in your brain that stimulate your appetite. Additionally, protein shakes allow you to count accurately your total number of calories taken in on a given day, therefore taking away most of the guesswork when calculating daily caloric intake. Powdered shakes need no refrigeration and have extremely long storage life.

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Additionally you need to have adequate water on hand. Also it would be a good idea to take a multivitamin, once per day, to ensure you are getting adequate micronutrients.

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