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We need to look at the problem of overweight and obesity in America as a problem we all share. It impacts the health of our economy and therefore the collective health of our nation. The problem of overweight and obesity is global, epidemic and ignored. We have to make eating in healthy way a priority in our lives. Collectively, we don’t make exercise a priority. Most people go without exercise. In fact that’s what’s happening. We get less exercise than ever in the history of United States. Physical activity has been a mainstay of survival of man since the time of the caveman. As hunters and gatherers, physical activity output would dictate whether or not he would kill the wild animal, eat and survive.

Physical activity used to be a priority, allowing man the ability to eat and therefore survive. That is no longer the case. Man can eat, and eat well, without needing to expend any physical effort whatsoever. Because of the Internet some people rarely leave their homes having their needs met including shopping and food delivery. The Internet, computer games, and other conveniences in our society which are meant to make life easier are in actuality slowly causing our demise as we become less fit. Our bodies are decaying. Our bodies are not meant for the lifestyle that is rapidly overtaking our society. Over millions of years we have been genetically programmed to do best in a society based on physical activity. During the last 200 years, a period of time which relative to our development as human beings is the blink of an eye, we have a society that is based on physical inactivity. In fact, the higher level of status a person achieves the more inactive they can be. The best parking spot is typically closest to the entrance of a building. Tasks that involve manual labor are often delegated to others. Televisions without remote controls in most American homes would be considered sacrilegious.


Time to get motivated!

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