We all have diet defenses that we use to protect ourselves, our families and our loved ones in order to survive. Obesity virtually did not exist in the population at large prior to the 1800’s. The reasons: food was more scarce and less calorically dense, physical labor was a large part of daily life as machines and the industrial revolution were just beginning to come of age. Throughout time, for mankind, the diet defense of survival has been the same until relatively recently: take in as many calories as possible now, because the calories may not be available later.

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There is evidence that the people who did this had a survival advantage and propagated their genes. What is now changing is that obesity is affecting the health of children. A diet that leads to obesity and related illnesses in childhood such as diabetes will be less likely to lead to the production of offspring. At Tele Weight Control we believe the optimal diet that will lead to a survival advantage so that genes can be passed down is not a diet that is excessively rich in calories but one in which there is an optimal amount of high quality readily available calories. There have never been so many hazards around us that may be contributing to the lowering of our nutritional defenses and the obesity epidemic. Some factors may be affecting the body’s hormones that lead to weight gain such as sleep deprivation, pollution, medicines taken and hormones used in livestock and crops. Temperature controlled air conditioned environments may be making it harder for our metabolism to burn calories.

Diet and Weight Loss

Time to think about our diets!

We will show you how to break through a genetically “hard wired” predispositions to eat the wrong foods. I will show you how to tap into your own diet survival defenses unleashing a personalized, optimal defensive diet plan that ensures your long term survival as well as your family’s.

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Diet and Loosing Weight